Tuesday, August 07, 2007

GRIM MILESTONE: 500 PALESTINIANS KILLED BY PALESTINIANS. A truly grim--and preventable--milestone has been reached this week with the death of the 500th victim of Palestinian-on-Palestinian violence, as documented by Elder of Ziyon. The deaths are not the kind that can honestly be blamed on Israel, but are self-inflicted. Elder of Ziyon writes:
Since we started the self-death count 13 months ago, we have documented 705 violent deaths of Palestinian Arabs due to infighting, honor killings, "work accidents," shootings during funerals and weddings, children picking up bombs being built by their parents, and similar self-inflicted incidents.
Unfortunately, this milestone will be ignored by the media--as have the each of these deaths have been passed over in silence by the media when they happened.

Ignored by the UN, these kinds of killings are doomed to continue. This is the kind of Naqba the UN should be talking about.

Why aren't they?

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