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Video: Gaza And The 'Crowded Mentality'

Elder of Ziyon has a terrific video addressing a point that is almost as popular--and misconstrued--as the 'disproportionate force' claim, about how crowded it is in Gaza. Let's go to the video: [Note: the video was removed from YouTube but can still be viewed on]

Check out the Elder of Ziyon YouTube Channel.

Back in April, I posted about this--quoting from Israel Like This As If:
Some people will tell you that Gaza is the most crowded place on earth. Actually, Tel Aviv (aerial view at right) is much more densely populated than Gaza.

The first modern Hebrew city, not quite 100 years old, has already managed to cram almost 400,000 residents into its 51.8 square kilometers. This makes Tel Aviv more densely populated than Hong Kong or Singapore, which in turn are much more crowded than Gaza. (A note on comparative crowding appears below, at the end of this post.)
The claim that Gaza is the most crowded city on Earth continues to be circulated--for example:
The UK politician George Galloway wrote in The Glasgow Record last month that the Gaza Strip is "the most densely populated piece of earth on the planet." Galloway wrote that 1.5 million Palestinians live there.
Here are some of the numbers for comparison--and Gaza just does not compare:
Tel Aviv
7,445 people/sq km
(385,000 people, 51.8 sq km)

Hong Kong
6,352 people/sq km

6,252 people/sq km

5,100 people/sq km

Tel Aviv metro area including suburbs
5,050 people/sq km
(2.3 million people, 453 sq km)

4,900 people/sq km

4,750 people/sq km

4,300 people/sq km

Gaza Strip per CIA projection
4,270 people/sq km
(1,537,269 population July 2008, 360 sq km)

Gaza Strip per George Galloway
4,167 people/sq km
(1.5 million people, 360 sq km)

Gaza Strip per Daoud Kuttab
3,822 people/sq km

The numbers for London, Tel Aviv metro area, Moscow, Tokyo/Yokohama and Warsaw are from the City Mayors site.
By the way the numbers for Cairo are 9,400 people/sq km (12,200,000, 1,295 sq km)--yet Gaza is noteworthy for overcrowding.

Read the whole thing.

One thing you can say for Hamas and its allies: they never let the truth get in their way.

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