Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hezbollah: Oh Yeah! Well, We Have A List Of Targets In Israel Too!

Not to outdone by videos and maps that Israel has released, pinpointing the location of Hezbollah weapons supplies hidden among schools and hospitals, Hezbollah has come out with a list of their own:
Hezbollah’s commander in southern Lebanon Sheikh Nabil Qaouq on Sunday responded to Israeli warnings, by saying that the group has already identified a list of targets in Israel that it will hit in the event of a war.

Qaouq warned the Israeli leaders ” the Resistance, too, has a whole list of targets”
Well, with all due respect to the terrorist group, I don't think their list is all that secret.

Let's see:


Tel Aviv


True, Sderot is actually a favorite target of Hamas.
Still, based on Hezbollah attacks in the past--this list of Hezbollah targets looks just about right.

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