Friday, July 23, 2010

Yes, Obama Does Talk About US-Israel Relations As Eloquently As Past Administrations--But So What!?

From Laura Rozen:
House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman (D-Calif.) sent fellow House Democratic Caucus members a memo Thursday outlining what he called the Obama administration's and Democratic Caucus's "unprecedented support for the State of Israel."

"I think you will find it useful to make the case that House Democrats and the president are as good if not better than any Congress or Administration that has come before," Berman wrote.

Among the points the memo highlights, Obama has "repeatedly talked about the importance of the Palestinians recognizing the quote 'Jewish' state of Israel," as well as the U.S. leading the international effort to pressure Iran about its nuclear weapons program.
Berman is of course absolutely right: if a friend is judge purely by what they say, then I suppose the Obama administration talks as good a game as any other administration.

Of course, if you take into account how completely ineffectual Obama's 'talk' has been to either get the Arabs to recognize Israel as a Jewish state--or to somehow curtail Iran's nuclear program--then in point of fact, all that there is to Obama is talk. And no results.

Come on--he can't even get Abbas to sit down with Netanyahu and talk directly, something that Bush was able to do.

Let's face it: if you want to argue that the Obama administration has maintained the level of military support of previous administrations, you may have a point.

But if Obama and his defenders are going to insist that the current administration surpasses previous ones in its support of Israel at a time when its foreign--and Middle East--policy is failing...well that is just plain laughable.

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