Wednesday, May 02, 2012

"60 Minutes Not Responding to Critics of ‘Holy Land’ Segment"

David Gerstman, writing in Pajamas Media, notes that to date 60 Minutes Not Responding to Critics of ‘Holy Land’ Segment:
Last Friday, Ben Smith at BuzzFeed [Polite Letter Brought Israeli To CBS For On-Camera Outrage] published emails exchanged by Bob Simon and Ambassador Oren ahead of the latter’s interview. Smith found nothing in the letters to suggest the outrage that Simon expressed on the Christians in the Holy Land broadcast. According to Smith, Simon’s “high dudgeon” was inconsistent with the tone of his earlier communication with Oren. CBS has not yet addressed Simon’s irregular behavior and bad faith.

During the first Gulf War, Simon was captured by Iraqi troops. After he was rescued, he told of being mocked and threatened for being Jewish. Simon declared that he wanted to kill his tormentor and would have had no remorse, for it would have been as if he killed a “cockroach.” Simon allowed himself to feel rage against those who threatened and mocked him. Hypocritically, he assigns fault to Israel for attempting to protect its citizens against very real threats.
But to fully appreciate the hypocrisy and deception underlying Bob Simon's entire 'Holy Land' segment, you need to read Gerstman's entire article, where he reviews the various examples of editing and omissions manipulated by Simon to support his claim that Christians are leaving.

To put it simply:
The bottom line: Israel cannot be causing the disappearance of Christians in the Holy Land, because they are not disappearing.
But to fully appreciate the lengths that 60 Minutes' Bob Simon went in order to fabricate his 'Holy Land' segment--you have to read the whole thing.

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