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Video: BDS Leader Omar Barghouti Decries Violence Of "White Race"--Forgets Long History Of Muslim Colonialism

The Huffington Post Monitor points out that Omar Barghouti is a Racist.

The basis for this is a rather ignorant comment by Omar Barghouti, both in general--and because of the ignorance reflected in Barghouti's self-serving comment about "white people," that "the white race is the most violent in history of mankind."

Here is the video:

For Barghouti to condemn "white" colonialism when the entire Muslim history is one long record of invasion, conquest, colonialism and occupation is dishonest:

In his book, The Arab Mind, Raphael Patai gives a short rundown of the history of Muslim occupation:
Within eighty years after the death of Muhammad (632), the Arabs held sway over Spain, North Africa, Egypt, the Fertile Crescent and several contiguous areas, most of which have remained both Arab and Muslim to the present day. Successive generations carried the banner of Islam into more remote parts of the world, including, in the east, Central Asia as far as Mongolia, the Indian Peninusla, and Southeast Asia; in the west, the Balkans and Hungary; and in the south the wide Sudan belt of Africa. (p. 48, emphasis added)
Bernard Lewis makes the point even more clearly. In What Went Wrong?: The Clash Between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East, Lewis notes:
In the course of the seventh century, Muslim armies advancing from Arabia conquered Syria, Palestine, Egypt, and North Africa, all until then part of Christendom, and most of the new recruits to Islam, west of Iran and Arabia, were indeed converts from Christianity. (p.4, emphasis added)
But the Muslims did not end their imperialist conquest there.

Lewis describes how the Muslem colonialism continued:
o During the eighth century, using North Africa as their base, the Arab forces were joined by Berber converts as they went into Spain and Portugal and invaded France.

o In the ninth century they conquered Sicily and sacked Rome--resulting in the Christian counter-attack known as the Crusades, hardly the offensive unprovoked attack that the Arab world condemns. Think of it as Christians exercising their right of resistance.

o In the thirteenth century, the Tartars conquered Russia and later converted to Islam--meaning that Russia and much of Eastern Europe was subjected to Moslem rule till they freed themselves in the late 15th century.

o During a third wave of attacks, the Ottoman Turks conquered Anatolia, captured Constantinople, invaded the Balkan peninsula and reached as far as Vienna.(my summary)

And of course, if we want to talk about the history of World War II, we will see that Muslims played a role in that "white man's war"--after all, it was the Grand Mufit, the recognized leader of the Palestinian Arabs, who was a close ally of Adolf Hitler:

1943 Handschar Nazi Division Flag

More than just talking with and advising Hitler, the Mufti established the Muslim 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar which was used by the Nazis to crush the Yugoslavian resistance.

Here is a video segment from The History Channel:

More on the strong bond between the Mufit and Hitler, between Islamic fundamentalism and Nazism, from the movie Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against The West:

Bottom line:

While Omar Barghouti spews his nonsense about World War II being a white man's war, the fact is that during WWII the Arabs fought on behalf of the Nazi occupiers and actively sought out and killed the resistance.

Barghouti is either deliberately misleading or simply ignorant of the long history of Muslim violence and conquest.

On Barghouti's claim about the "peacefulness" of BDS, Huffington Post Monitor quotes from Deliberation, a left-wing site which has something to say as well about Omar Barghouti – on “White People”:
"I guess that this is indeed very concerning about the BDS . It is not principled at all. A BDS prominent leader happens to spread racist remarks while enrolling to a ‘Zionist’ academic institute which he expects us to boycott. Another BDS prominent spokesman admits that the BDS is “not principled”. Meanwhile in the UK BDS attempts to destroy Israeli Habima theatre but does nothing to promote a Palestinian theatre from Ramallah. As the BDS buying itself a name of a dedicated book burning institution, we learn that trade between Israel and Britain grew last year by 34%.

"If BDS is an important humanitarian call and, we in Deliberation believe it is, it better be managed and represented by people who are slightly more principled and certainly more clever and astute.


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Empress Trudy said...

It's only a matter of time before HuffPo gives a regular column to the OTHER Barghouti - the one in prison for life for mass murder. You know it, I know it, they know it too.

Daled Amos said...

Considering how the convicted terrorist is able to communicate with the media at will and is seriously recommended as a political candidate, writing for the HuffPo may actually be a step backwards.