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Thursday, April 17, 2014

UN Acceptance of Palestinian Accession to 15 Treaties Violates International Law

Alan Baker, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Here is the summary of the complete article:
  • On 1 April 2014, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas signed letters requesting that "the State of Palestine" be granted accession to 15 international conventions and treaties.

  • This action by the Palestinian leadership, and the consequent, hurried acceptance of the Palestinian applications by the UN and by the Swiss government, raise serious questions both regarding the flawed perception as to the very existence and legal status of a sovereign state of "Palestine," as well as to the potential implications of what are serious violations of the Oslo Accords and of the very integrity of the international law of treaties.

  • If the UN and the governments of Switzerland and the Netherlands acted in accordance with their legal and moral duties pursuant to international treaty law and practice, they would have determined that the requests by the Palestinian leadership for accession to the conventions fail to meet the requirements of international law.

Raymond Ibrahim on How Modernity 'Radicalizes' Western Muslims

The following by Raymond Ibrahim is reposted here with permission of Middle East Forum:

How Modernity 'Radicalizes' Western Muslims

by Raymond Ibrahim
FrontPage Magazine
April 16, 2014

Raymond Ibrahim
Raymond Ibrahim
A new Danish statistical study finds that "Muslims [are] 218 percent more criminal in second generation than first." While some of these crimes are clearly related to Islam—such as attacks on Muslim apostates to Christianity—others, such as rampant theft of non-Muslims, would appear banal, until one realizes that even robbery and plunder is justified by Islamic doctrine—as one UK Muslim cleric once clearly said.

The interesting question here is why are second generation Muslims, who are presumably more Westernized than their Muslim parents, also more "radical"? Lest one dismiss this phenomenon as a product of economics or some other "grievance" against European host nations, the fact is, even in America, where Muslims are much better assimilated than in Europe, they too are turning to "radicalism."

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Arlene Kushner: Kerry’s Misrepresentations Require Correction

From Arlene Kushner
April 9, 2014

Crossing Lines

Has our government finally learned?  No matter what efforts we make, no matter the concessions – in the end it is Israel that faces accusations when things go wrong.  The lesson here is that we should stop trying and refrain from further concessions.
What I am referring to is the tone, as well as content, of testimony given by Kerry yesterday to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Tovah Lazaroff, providing an analysis in the JPost, wrote:
“It wasn’t what Secretary of State John Kerry was how he said it....

“It was a narrative exclamation, and pause, strong enough to be heard round the world.

“It fell, like a slow drumbeat...”

Kerry’s accusation: that an announcement by Israel about building over the ‘67 line is what killed the chance to revive the “peace negotiations”
Lazaroff describes the progression of events that Kerry presented.  I want to review it quickly here because Kerry’s misrepresentations require correction.   No one should take him at his word.

Daniel Pipe: No Longer Banned in the British Library!

The following by Daniel Pipes is reposted here with permission:

No Longer Banned in the British Library!

by Daniel Pipes
Apr 9, 2014
Cross-posted from National Review Online, The Corner

The British Library, I documented yesterday, had blocked my website and those of the Middle East Forum while letting through some of the most foul antisemitic and Islamist sites. The article ended with mention of my writing to the library, a government institution, to request that the blocks be removed. Also, a substantial number of readers wrote to the library in protest.
The British Library's reading room.
As a result, I am happy to report, the blocks have been removed. A representative of the library's Electronic Services wrote me:

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Efraim Inbar: Respond Firmly to Palestinian Blackmail

The following by Efraim Inbar is reposted here with permission of the Middle East Forum:

Respond Firmly to Palestinian Blackmail

by Efraim Inbar
BESA Center Perspectives
April 6, 2014

In response to the latest Palestinian attempt to squeeze Israel, Israel's government should remind the Palestinians, through tough countermeasures, that adhering to maximalist political goals is counterproductive.

Efraim Inbar
Efraim Inbar
Last week, Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas blew off the US-brokered peace talks with Israel and slapped Washington in the face by re-launching a diplomatic war against Israel through international institutions.

Several lessons should be drawn from this turn of events. First, the breakdown of the talks is a reminder of the stubborn reality that so many prefer to ignore: The gap in the positions of the two sides is too large to bridge even by a creative diplomacy backed by a superpower. Both Israel and the Palestinians still possess tremendous energy to fight for things that are important to them. Peace and coexistence are not the most important goals of the two warring societies.

Therefore, the conclusion to be drawn from this is that attempts to broker conflict resolution between the parties needs to be replaced by a more realistic approach of conflict management. The good intentions of the international community should be directed towards attaining partial understandings and minimizing the suffering on both sides, rather than pursuing an elusive end to the conflict.