Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The 123 Israeli Children Killed by Palestinian Terrorists

The following is an HTML rendering of the Power Point presentation viewable online at Mystical Paths with the names of the murdered children. (hat tip: Smooth Stone)
And a very special thanks to Baleboosteh (...a day in the life...), who spent hours reworking the images to make the HTML version a worth commemoration of the loss of our murdered brothers and sisters.

Please take a few minutes...
To know and remember the ones...
Our beautiful children and youth...
Who were slain by the Arab terrorists...

In October 2000, the Palestinian Arabs in Israel started a new war of terror against the Israeli nations. Terror attacks against Israeli civilians occured in every possible place in Israel.

In coffee shops and restaurants, On dozens of buses, In the middle of the street

Among the thousands of Israeli people who were murdered and injured, there were hundreds of children. Some of the attacks were deliberately intended against children and youth.


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