Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hamas Driving Palestinians Out of Gaza and West Bank?

Tim Blair writes about the approaching Palestinian Brain Drain:

Having voted for Hamas, Palestinians now seem inclined to vote with their feet:

A growing number of Palestinians are openly saying they’d like to leave the West Bank and Gaza if given the chance, raising concern about the possibility of a Palestinian brain drain.

They weren’t too concerned about that back when they were stuffing detonators in their kids’ underpants and sending them off to be fitted with Semtex shirts. Brains were drained all over the place.

Birzeit University pollster Nader Said, who has monitored emigration attitudes for 12 years, says the percentage of Palestinians willing to relocate once hovered just below 20 percent. When that figure jumped to 32 percent in a September survey, Mr. Said says he was shocked.

The catalyst, the pollster says, has been Palestinian disillusionment following Hamas’s half-year in government. “What the Israelis were unable to do - try to push the Palestinian out of the country - the internal strife is achieving,” he says.
If true, that would be quite a turnaround, from being everyone's favorite terrorist-group-cum-political-party to giving Palestinian Arabs the motivation to leave--something that Fatah, with all of its corruption, was unable to accomplish.

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