Thursday, July 31, 2008

Israel: Lessons Learned

Lisa Schiffren sums up a post at The Corner about Olmert's resignation:
Israel has now obtained clear results from a bunch of recent political experiments. The watching world has learned what happens when you make a good will gesture and hand your enemies various cities and regions with nothing expected of them in return. We have learned how responsibly Palestinians behave when they are given the right to self-government. And we have learned that new and worse existential threats to Israel's very existence can arise as older ones fade. Given these newly clarified realities, it would seem especially important for the people to express their views, in a general election, on which direction the country should take militarily and politically, vis-s-vis the neighbors. How frustrating to have a system that impedes that process — and no incentives to change it.
I hope politicians in Israel are paying attention--they may be tested later.

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