Monday, October 05, 2009

New Poll Disputes J Street's Claim To Being Representative Of American Jews

Based on the American Jewish Committee's 2009 Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion, Dr. Aaron Lerner comes to the conclusion:
Here is proof positive that the American "Jewish Street" and the radical left "J Street" aren't on "the same street:" when it comes to either their perception of the situation or their views of the policy ramifications.

Perhaps the most interesting finding is that at the end of the day, American Jews share the same view as their Israeli brothers regarding the true intentions of the Arabs:

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? "The goal of the Arabs is not the return of occupied territories but rather the destruction of Israel."
Agree 75% Disagree 19% Not Sure 5%
Dr. Lerner then takes this a step further, beyond refuting J Street:
Interpretations of the rest of the responses have to keep the answer to this question in mind.

For example, there are American Jews who favor the establishment of a Palestinian state even though they know that the goal of the Arabs is to destroy Israel. Their support for a Palestinian state is tactical rather than because they share the fantasy of J Street and others that utopian peace would be attained if Israel pulled back to the '67 lines.

Understand why they support this on tactical grounds and you are well on your way to getting them to change their position.
Read the entire survey.

So not only do the poll results dispute J Street's claim of being representative of where American Jews stand, but even when American Jews do seem to fall in line with J Street--it is not for the reasons that J Street claims.

--Which is only fair, since there are those who wonder out loud why J Street itself holds the positions it does.

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