Saturday, May 19, 2012

London Olympics: Munich Massacre By Palestinian Terrorists Down The Memory Hole

[T]he decision to ignore Munich is just the latest illustration of the moral bankruptcy of the Games.
Jonathan Tobin

In light of the fact that the International Olympic Committee has refused an remembrance of the Olympics Munich Massacre, Jonathan Tobin writes that Ignoring Munich Massacre Reminds Us Olympics Are Pure Baloney
In the history of the modern Olympic Games there have been many scandals but only one terrorist massacre.
The 1972 Games in Munich will forever be remembered because Palestinian terrorists murdered 11 Israeli athletes there in cold blood. But this summer when the Games reconvene in London there will be neither an official remembrance nor even a moment of silence in honor of the fallen Israelis. Jacques Rogge, the president of the International Olympic Committee, flatly denied requests from the State of Israel and members of the United States Congress for a moment of silence at the opening ceremonies in London. The reason for this refusal is clear. Any reminder of that historic crime would offend the vast majority of member nations that participate in the Games who don’t want any mention of an event that puts the Palestinians in a bad light.
Does anyone believe for a moment that the same Olympic Committee would not bend over backwards to accommodate a Palestinian Arab grievance--real or imagined? The Olympics are apparently as much in thrall to the Arab world as the United Nations is.

Speaking of the United Nations, there is a certain similarity between the two bodies.

Tobin concludes:
We cannot force the Games or the sports establishment to remember the 11 Israelis or even acknowledge their indifference to the massacre. But we can at least stop pretending there is anything happening in London this summer that has intrinsic or moral value and not simply sporting significance. The Olympics are the sports equivalent of the United Nations, a high-minded ideal that is, in practice, merely the assemblage of rogues who pervert the concept to pursue their own often scandalous objectives. Though you may like the show, the Games deserve our scorn, not our admiration.

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