Friday, January 04, 2013

Accomplice In Bulgaria Terrorist Attack On Israelis ID'ed -- His Identity Will Be Critical

Ynet News is reporting that Bulgaria identifies Burgas bombing accomplice:
Sofia issued arrest warrant for one of three foreigners who aided terrorist who blew up Israeli tourist bus in July. Chief investigator: Bomber did not plan to die

Bulgarian police have identified and issued an international arrest warrant for one of the three foreign nationals suspected of aiding the terrorist who carried out the attack on a bus full of Israeli tourists in the resort city of Burgas last July, local media outlets reported Thursday, citing police investigators. Five Israelis and a Bulgarian bus driver were killed in the bombing.
It is also being reported that the authorities know the country of origin of the suspected accomplice -- but are not yet releasing that information.

The terrorists' country of origin is important for the influence it could have over the current push to have Europe agree to put Hezbollah on the list of known terrorist groups. Should there be proof to back Israel's contention that Hezbollah was behind the terrorist attack, it would be very difficult for Europe to continue to balk at putting Hezbollah on that list.

As it is, Hezbollah has already been weakened because
  • Aiding the Assad regime in Syria with its slaughter of Syrian civilians, has weakened Hizbollah politically.
  • The upheaval in Syria now -- not to mention once the anti-Assad groups take over -- makes it difficult for the terrorist group to acquire weapons from Iran
  • The degrading of the weapons that Hezbollah already has make Hezbollah less of a threat to Israel
Now, with the addition of being recognized as a terrorist group, Hezbollah would be weakened further and its hold in Lebanon would decrease along with its influence.

At some point, the investigators will have to release the information they have and reveal whether in fact they concur that Hezbollah was behind the terrorist attacks in Bulgaria.

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