Monday, January 07, 2013

Google Israel Honors Eliezer ben Yehuda: Father of Modern Hebrew

Jacob Richman has a page of Cool Google Doodles 2013 -- and being that this is the beginning of 2013, the page right now is kind of empty.

Except for this:

In addition, Richman has links --

Check out his site for links to biographies of Eliezer ben Yehuda, both in Hebrew and English and a video (in Hebrew) about the importance of ben Yehuda and words that ben Yehuda coined that made it -- and those that did not.
(Spoiler: Bialek's matos beat out ben Yehuda's aviron for airplane)

He also has 2 videos of an Israeli song in honor of ben Yehuda
Check out Richman's Cool Google Doodles page for the translation.

On the topic of the special nature of the Hebrew language, also see Ben-Yehuda at 150 by David Hazony and The luckiest Jews in the World by Caroline Glick

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