Monday, September 05, 2016

Debunking A Palestinian Hoax: The True Story of Waseem Shalouf

Here is am image that made the rounds on Twitter earlier this year:

The translation (via Google Translate) reads:
Wounded in the Zionist aggression
Child Ghazzawi "handsome (7 years) .. smile" will "exceed" disability "(picture)

This week, the image has resurfaced, this time on Google Plus:

It may very well be that the person who posted this was taken in by this hoax.

When you look in the lower right hand corner, you can see that the photo comes from The PCRF - The Palestinian Children's Relief Fund. But the story they are telling is much different form the one making the rounds.

Here is how The PCRF is describing Waseem Shalouf on Twitter:

It turns out that Waseem has a congenital deformity, something he was born with and actually has nothing to do with Israel. The Palestinian Children's Relief Fund is making no secret of this, and even posted about this on YouTube:

So it turns out that this really is a story with a happy ending all the way around.

Too bad that there are those who want to exploit Waseem's story to attack Israel.

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