Monday, December 12, 2016

Why Would Any Arab Country Buy A Rocket From Hamas?

That is the question that arises based on a post by Elder of Ziyon that Hamas offers to export Qassam rockets to any Arabs willing to shoot them at Israel:
Hamas official Fathi Hammad said that the terror group is s ready to export Qassam rockets to Arab armies in order "to fight the Zionist entity."

Hammad said that the rocket is comparable in quality to those produced by other international military rocket factories.
Speaking of quality, just what kind of quality do these Arab customers of Hamas have a right to expect?

photo excerpt from video
Hamas rocket crashes into Gaza -- see video below

Breitbart reported back in 2014 that Scores of Hamas Rockets Fall Short in Gaza, Killing Innocents. On Wednesday, July 30th, for example, Hamas terrorists fired 140 rocket into Israel, of which 81 hit Israel and 9 were intercepted by Iron Dome. However 50 of those rockets fell short and landed inside Gaza itself -- that's 36% of Gazan rockets hitting Gaza.

And this was not a one-time thing either.

Among other examples of Hamas misfires:
  • July 28: When Hamas terrorists fired rockets at Israel from a highly populated area, two of the rockets hit a hospital and refugee camp inside Gaza, killing over a dozen Palestinians.

  • July 13: A rocket fired by Hamas successfully hit Israel -- but ending up a power plant, knocking out power for over 70,000 Gazans.

  • February 2008: When a Qassam missile was launched near a home in Gaza, flying shrapnel killed an infant.

  • December 2008: A Hamas rocket fired towards Israel hit a house in Gaza and killed a 5-year-old girl and her 12-year-old cousin.
Similarly, Amnesty International issued a report in 2015 that Palestinian rockets killed more Gazans in 2014 war. According to the report, rockets aimed at Israel in that July 28 attack fell short and killed at least 13 civilians in Gaza, 11 of them children.

The reaction of Hamas was to claim the report was biased and accuse Amnesty International of being a "Zionist organization".

The BBC also reported on Hamas rockets crashing into Gaza -- and had it on video:

Maybe it would be a good idea for any Arab country or terrorist group interested in taking Hamas up on their offer to get a written guarantee that the rockets they buy won't stop short and crash near where they are launched.

And after they get that guarantee, they better cross their fingers.

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