Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Iraq, Afghanistan...Will Bush Ever Pay A Surprise Visit To Israel?

Reuters reports that President has made a surprise visit to Afghanistan while in South Asia--reminiscent of his surprise visit to Iraq to visit the troops during Thanksgiving back in 2003.

I'm just curious if Bush will ever make a surprise visit to Israel--after all, like Iraq and Afghanistan, Israel's situation today is very much a result of US interference intervention policy in the area, and it would be a sure sign of support, comparable to the effect of his visits to Iraq and Afghanistan, where the US also encouraged democratic elections.

Apparently Bush has visited Israel twice before:
o In 1998, after becoming Governor of Texas, he toured Israel with Sharon.
o President Bush visited the Middle East from June 2-4 2003 for two summits in an attempt to push the road map as part of a seven-day overseas trip through Europe and Russia.

That's all well and good, but the second visit was pure business and the first one was before he was president.

Considering the enormous growth in tension since the election of Hamas, it would be nice--and appropriate, given that so much of the tension is the product of US advice--if Bush would pay a visit.

That in itself would be a surprise.

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