Saturday, June 30, 2007

EXTREME MAKEOVER: PALESTINIAN EDITION! But in this version--Hamas and Fatah are competing against each other.
Two weeks after Hamas seized control of Gaza in a four-day putsch, the Islamists are desperate to deliver on their pledge of good governance. Palestinians are watching, comparing the Hamas-run strip with the Fatah-run West Bank, waiting to see which people prosper economically and which are plagued by criminals and gun-toting militants.
We've finished the first round, and here are the results:


In the West Bank, President Mahmoud Abbas has secured Western aid pledges and Israeli promises to unfreeze Palestinian tax revenues. He has announced a crackdown on militants across the territory, but few think he has the power to follow through.


Boycotted by Israel, the West and even Arab neighbours, Hamas has little hope of boosting the economic fortunes of Gaza's 1.5 million residents.

Advantage: Fatah

But let's not count Hamas out yet!
Making its streets safe once again for ordinary citizens is Hamas' best hope for a tangible accomplishment to prove that they, not their Fatah rivals, are best suited to rule.
And this is still only the first week!

You do realize, of course, that since we are not dealing with democracies--no one gets voted off.

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