Sunday, November 25, 2007

Because We All Know How Much Help Palestinians Need With PR!

Courtesy of the State Department: "Palestinian Activists Hone Advocacy Skills--Nongovernmental groups, political leaders learn to target audiences"

Please excuse the cynic in me, but if there is one thing that "Palestinian activists" know how to do, it's how to "target audiences"
Palestinians traditionally value education as the way forward, so it is not surprising that the West Bank has dozens of articulate, home-grown advocacy groups. But even the most seasoned civic activists constantly seek new strategies to communicate their message. Recently, the U.S. Consulate General invited an experienced U.S. activist to work with local advocacy groups on communicating their message through the media as part of the United States’ continuing support for democratic development in the Palestinian Territories.
Gee, maybe they have a class for those who really need help with their PR--Israel.

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