Friday, December 07, 2007

Israeli Jews DO Want An Undivided Jerusalem (Updated)

Here's the results of a recent poll:
A Brain Base (Ma'agar Mochot) poll has revealed that between 79 and 90 percent of Israeli Jews want an undivided Jerusalem and an end to terror and incitement as conditions for a peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority (PA).
Why mention this? Just in case Condoleezza Rice--who has quoted questionable polls in the past--decides to revert to form and claim Israelis are ready to divide Jerusalem for peace.

UPDATE: One Jerusalem did a poll too:
In light of Pres. Bush's recent Annapolis meeting, One Jerusalem commissioned a survey of over 400 Israeli voters. Findings:
o 75% of Israelies say that Jerusalem should not be the the capital of the Palestinians.
65% do not think Jerusalem can be a safe city, if shared with the Palestinians.
o 73% believe there should be a referendum before any concessions are made in regard to Jerusalem.
o 68% feel that Abbu Mazen has failed to fight terrorism.
o 44% feel that the timing of Annapolis was right. 41% disagreed.
o 44% say that if elections are held, they would vote for Netanyahu, while 20% would support Olmert.

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