Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Al-Dura Trial: Now We Wait For The Verdict (Correction)

The verdict itself will be delivered on March 21 May 22.

What are the prospects?
HonestReportings blog Media Backspin initially described Karsenty's presentation as persuasive, particularly when compared to France 2's case, which boiled down to a case of character assassination. By their last post, Media Backspin cautioned that Karsenty's presentation may have gotten too caught up in the details.

Roger L. Simon, reporting for Pajamas Media also seems to have had a change of heart. Initially he writes:
The first trial went against Karsenty, but the appeal is looking better for him, according to Richard Landes, a Boston University history professor who has been covering the Al Dura affair.
but at the end of the post has an update:
In the latest podcasts from Richard Landes, news is not as good for Karsenty. At the end of today’s session - the last before the reading of the verdict iin a few weeks - the Avocat Générale gave a closing statement unfavorable to the French media gadfly. Very rarely, said, Landes are the opinions of the A. G. overturned by the judges in a French court.
We'll have to wait till March 21 May 22 to find out.

Check out Simon's 3-part podcast and overview of the trial coverage.

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