Friday, February 29, 2008

Olmert's Blog (sort of)

Olmert's trip to Japan is the occasion for a blog:
Travel Diary - PM Visit to Japan

With Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's departure on a diplomatic visit to Japan, we have decided – for the first time – to post a blog on the Prime Minister's Office website. The blog, written by personnel from the Prime Minister's Bureau, will deal with the goals and objectives that we have set for the trip and with the meetings that Prime Minister Olmert will hold during his visit. The goal is allow those surfing the website to learn directly about the course of the visit and to obtain regular updates about its developments. [emphasis added]
There is hint that this might even be an ongoing thing--which is good, since many of us have an interest in Olmert's activities outside of Japan:
For our part, this is another tool to increase the transparency of the Prime Minister's activities in general and to reveal some of his wide-ranging diplomatic work.
Transparency? Good! Maybe they will post about Jerusalem.

Apparently, they are also open to comments--I assume they are referring to the feedback button.

Have at it.

[Hat tip: BackSpin]

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