Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Offering 'The Protocols' Is The Least of Amazon's Problems

Should I be jealous? Unlike Yuval Levin, I never get anything in the mail worth blogging about:
this morning I received a press release by email from BookSurge, informing me in breathless tones of the publication of an exciting new book called Persecution, Privilege & Power, edited by Mark Green, and offering “a searing collection of articles about the organized-but often unrecognized-exploitation of political and cultural power in the United States.” Here is how the email describes the book:

In Persecution, Privilege & Power, Green has collected the sharpest commentaries and analyses from 30 different writers as they critically examine the role that Zionism plays in shaping U.S. policies abroad as well as cultural transformations at home. This riveting volume provides a broad and exhilarating inspection of Zionist machinations as well as the entrenched taboos and covert alliances that sustain them. Green’s array of commentators includes James Petras, Charlie Reese, Alison Weir, Kevin MacDonald, Gilad Atzmon, Ray McGovern, Joe Sobran and many others. Persecution, Privilege & Power unearths the unchecked malfeasance within the political wing of organized Jewry, specifically examining that international lobby’s political excesses from a multiplicity of perspectives.

The email is signed by Amanda Sullivan Wilson, BookSurge’s public relations manager, and it details the company’s status as “a subsidiary of Inc., (NASDAQ AMZN)”. carries both this book as well as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. At least with the latter, they have a note that the book is a hoax--though that does not stop them from offering buying tips:
Amazon offers Green's book with no disclaimer:
"PERSECUTION, PRIVILEGE & POWER" is a controversial but compelling collection of articles that critically explores the impact and influence of organized Zionism on American life and global politics. In one volume, thirty contributing editors weigh in on the hottest and most taboo subject in the Western world; namely, the overpowering reach and influence of organized Jewish groups towards directing policies in Washington that are favorable to the State of Israel or the perceived well-being of Jews world-wide. The taboo against critically exploring the downside of these tribal machinations is cast aside in this searing and informative anthology. Among the distinguished commentators found in "PERSECUTION, PRIVILEGE & POWER" are: James Petras, Charlie Reese, Alison Weir, Ray McGovern, Kevin MacDonald, Stephen Lendman, John V. Whitbeck, Israel Shamir, Mark Weber, Richard Curtiss, Gilad Atzmon, Joseph Sobran and others. Throughout this volume, Israel's dubious role as an American 'asset' goes under the microscope, as does that nation's favored status with whatever Party rules Washington. The writing is direct and penetrating and the conclusions are often explosive. Domestic politics--even world history--will never quite be the same after reading this incisive compilation of web-based analysis. "PERSECUTION, PRIVILEGE & POWER" is a fast read that also makes a provocative and memorable gift.
Nor is there any explanation of how a topic so taboo would have 30 different people writing about it. Just how many people are there writing about Islamist violence...and not living in hiding?

I must admit, I'm a bit curious what--if anything--Amazon will do about reaction to their subsidiary. After all, it is one thing to passively make The Protocols available, it is another to actively be hawking a book like 'Persecution'.

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