Monday, November 03, 2008

Politician Quotes Maimonides?

I found this on Powerline, where Scott Johnson writes, "I doubt I'll hear a politician quoting Maimonides again any time soon."

The politician is Norm Coleman, of Minnesota, one of 2 Jewish Republicans in the Senate, who is running for re-election:
Senator Coleman closed with two quotes, one from the Jewish sage Maimonides and one from Mother Teresa. Senator Coleman quoted Maimonides' admonition that "A person should see himself and the whole world as being on a knife edge, precisely and exquisitely balanced." With one good deed, Maimonides says, a person "can alter the balance of his life and the whole world to the side of blessing and life."
Coleman has made a point of running a positive campaign against Al Franken who...hasn't.
I couldn't find a video of the Maimonides quote.

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