Monday, June 01, 2009

Lt. General Keith Dayton: US Trained Palestinians Could Start Killing Israelis (Updated)

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Yet apparently Dayton is taking that prospect in stride.
I imagine Obama is too.

Caroline Glick writes:
Beyond Obama's timeline, over the past week, two other developments made it apparent that regardless of what Iran does, the Obama administration will not revise its policy of placing its Middle East emphasis on weakening Israel rather than on stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. First, last Friday, Yediot Aharonot reported that at a recent lecture in Washington, US Lt.-Gen. Keith Dayton, who is responsible for training Palestinian military forces in Jordan, indicated that if Israel does not surrender Judea and Samaria within two years, the Palestinian forces he and his fellow American officers are now training at a cost of more than $300 million could begin killing Israelis.

Assuming the veracity of Yediot's report, even more unsettling than Dayton's certainty that within a short period of time these US-trained forces could commence murdering Israelis, is his seeming equanimity in the face of the known consequences of his actions. The prospect of US-trained Palestinian military forces slaughtering Jews does not cause Dayton to have a second thought about the wisdom of the US's commitment to building and training a Palestinian army.

Dayton's statement laid bare the disturbing fact even though the administration is fully aware of the costs of its approach to the Palestinian conflict with Israel, it is still unwilling to reconsider it. Defense Secretary Robert Gates just extended Dayton's tour of duty for an additional two years and gave him the added responsibility of serving as Obama's Middle East mediator George Mitchell's deputy. [emphasis added]
You get the sense that Dayton is putting the blame for any action taken by his US-trained Palestinian forces against Israelis on Israel itself.

One wonders what Dayton sees as his goal in the training of those forces. 

I wonder:
  • Does he think that Israel surrendering the West Bank will satisfy them?
  • If those men get it into their head that Israel owes them something else, will they similarly attack their neighbor?
  • Just how does Dayton feel about the admitted lack of discipline in the forces he is training?
  • Given the history of the Arab Palestinians, has he given any thought on how those forces might be used against their own people, as well as against Israel?
Unfortunately in Dayton's remarks we see just the kind of unthinking attitude toward the Palestinian Arabs that is par for the course.

UPDATE: Of course it was exactly this danger of a Palestinian military that Ariel Sharon had in mind when he drew up the 14 Reservations:
The character of the provisional Palestinian state will be determined through negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel. The provisional state will have provisional borders and certain aspects of sovereignty, be fully demilitarized with no military forces, but only with police and internal security forces of limited scope and armaments, be without the authority to undertake defense alliances or military cooperation, and Israeli control over the entry and exit of all persons and cargo, as well as of its air space and electromagnetic spectrum.
Unfortunately, as Arlene Kushner notes:
The Sharon government of 2003 did not simply accept the Road Map as is. A set of "14 reservations" was attached and given to the Bush government. It was only after the US government committed to "fully and seriously address[ing]" the issues raised by Israel that the Israeli Cabinet voted to accept the Road Map. Unfortunately, this was naive, for a commitment to address the issues is not a promise that they will ultimately be incorporated into arrangements.
And that brings us to the Dayton and the US training a Palestinian force that Dayton himself admits could one day attack Israel.
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Soccer Dad said...

I'm skeptical about the Dayton statement. He gave a speech at the Washington Institute.

He made no such allegation in that speech.

Someone at Ynet wrote an op-ed that attributed such a sentiment to Dayton, but I still don't have a primary source for it.

Amerisrael said...

An American "Glubb Pasha"

Arius said...

The Jewish people suffered genocide at the hands of the Muslim allied German Nazis in WW2. The Muslim heirs of the Nazi Jihad have been rehabilitated by the West and are again attacking the Jewish people.

The Serbian and Roma people suffered war and genocide at the hands of the Muslims and their German Nazi allies in WW2. The Muslim heirs of the Nazi Jihad have been rehabilitated by the West and are again attacking the Serbian and Roma people.

The Armenian people suffered genocide at the hands of the German allied Turks in WW1. Since WW2 the Turks have been rehabilitated by the West and since the 1990’s Western interests are supporting Muslim attacks on the Armenian people.

Western centric Armenians and Jews should wake up to the fact that in a Muslim conflict with any other group the West will tend toward support of Muslims. The last hundred years of history tell us this. It is delusional to think that in the future it will be any different. Western centric Armenians and Jews are a great danger to the very survival of Armenia and Israel in their support of implicitly pro-Muslim Western policy. Our people in the West need to wake up!

Anonymous said...

@Arius that's totally retarded, in WW2, the middle east was under the control of Britain and France, therefore it was in the Allied side. And 'Muslims' is a broad term. Also when did Muslims make Jewish genocide? Statistics show it's actually the other way around. The ratio of Israeli to Muslim civilian deaths is currently at 1/150 or so.
Armenians were killed by Turks, who also oppressed other groups in there conquered territories.
Muslims have nothing to do with Roma people. Geographically speaking they don't have any points of contact. Roma people have been attacked by European goverments like in Romania.
Anyway this article is BS.
US training palestinian army in Jordan to kill Israelis.

Bennett Ruda said...

Anonymous may be unaware that During WWII, Arabs Fought With Nazi Occupiers Against The Resistance