Friday, January 21, 2011

Jawaher Abu Rahma Died From An Overdose Of Atropine

The inconsistencies that have plagued the Palestinian narrative of how Jawaher Abu Rahma died have now been traced to the fact that Abu Rahma died from a Palestinian doctor's misdiagnosis:
An IDF investigation has found that Jawaher Abu Rahma, who PA leaders accused Israel of killing, actually died due to a doctor's mistake. The PA had claimed that Abu Rahma died after inhaling tear gas as PA rioters clashed with Israeli soldiers near the Samaria separation/security barrier.

The investigation found that Rahma was not at the demonstration, but was in a house nearby. Initial PA reports had implied that she was at the demonstration; however, when pictures of the protest did not show her presence, it was then reported that she had been overcome by tear gas at home.

However, the IDF found that Rahma was not taken to a hospital during or immediately after the protest, but only later in the day.

Once in the Ramallah hospital, Rahma was given unusually high doses of Atropine, a drug whose uses include countering nerve gas or speeding up a dangerously slow pulse. The drug apparently caused her death, investigators said.

Documents received by the IDF also provided additional evidence for the theory that Rahma had been seriously ill prior to the demonstration, possibly with cancer.

IDF commanders planned to meet last week with PA officials to brief them on the ongoing investigation. However, the PA canceled the meeting. PA leaders continue to claim that the IDF caused Abu Rahma's death, and to label the death a war crime.
Considering that the media can always be counted upon to accept whatever story the Arabs provide, there is no reason for them not to distort the facts to create their own narrative.Since the Palestinian Arabs are not held accountable, they will be able to continue to claim the IDF is guilty of a war crime long after the truth has been made known.

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