Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Video: Palliwood Is Alive And Well--Media Bias Uncovered by Ruben Salvadori

When in his reportage we see a youth standing in defiance, stone in hand, face covered, flames and smoke in the background, we normally assume he is in the midst of a raging battle. But, as Salvadori shows, that may not necessarily be the case, because there may be no battle at all at the time the picture is taken. The subject is simply posing for the camera. Partly because it serves a propaganda purpose, partly because he hopes that the publication of that picture will gain him his 15 minutes of fame. And the photo reporter goes for the snapshot because the picture is in any case representative, symbolic enough to tell the world about the war he or she is witnessing.
Media – Photo journalism behind the scenes, from Planet Next, describing Ruben Salvadori’s work

Here is the revealing video put together by Ruben Salvadori, illustrating the media bias behind the pictures we see of the Israel-Palestinian conflict:

See Ruben Salvadori's site and Ruben Salvadori's blog

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