Monday, November 21, 2011

From Philosemitism: In Brussels, A 13-Year-Old Girl Beaten Because She Is Jewish

Children are such fast learners.

Philosemitism reports: Brussels: a 13-year-old girl beaten because she is Jewish
After training at a sports center in a residential area in Brussels (Neder-Over-Hembeek), a Jewish girl aged 13 was getting ready to leave with a friend when a dispute broke out with five girls (from Morocco). The Jewish teen complained she was fed up with the girls making disparaging remarks about her and her family.

They told her to shut up and called her "a dirty Jew". One of the girls splapped her twice in the face. The little girl wanted to leave in order to avoid an escalation, but the same girl repeated "shut up you dirty Jew and go back to your country". The five girls then grabbed her by the hair and punched her head on her knees. Blows fell from on all sides and was unable to defend herself against the five other girls.

The incident was reported to the police in Brussels. Her tormentors have been identified and the police will investigate the case.

Hat tip: Patrick Hutton

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