Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rockets Fired From Lebanon Into Israel: Why?

The Lebanese news site Naharnet is also reporting on the rockets fired from Lebanon into Israel:
Several rockets fired from southern Lebanon landed in Israel overnight, prompting the Jewish state's army to warn Beirut early Tuesday to work to prevent similar attacks in the future.

The rockets, which landed in the western Galilee region, caused no casualties, the army said in a statement.

But it warned: "The Israeli army considers that it is a serious incident and believes that it is the responsibility of the Lebanese government and the Lebanese army to avoid this kind of attacks."
Coming on the heels of the explosions in Iran on Monday, I would have thought Iran had put Hezbollah up to firing these rockets into Israel--however, according to Naharnet: "An Israeli military source ruled out to the Israeli radio that Hizbullah could be behind the attack."

If this is accurate, then maybe CBS is right that Syria may be involved in the rocket attack on Israel:
Regional analysts have long expressed concern that the growing Syrian conflict could spill over to its neighbors. After protesters from inside Syria stormed the border with Israel near Lebanon and several were killed earlier this year, Israeli officials accused the Syrian government of sparking the demonstrations to distract from its worsening domestic situation.
I would have thought Syria would be more concerned with Turkey, which is giving support to the now armed resistance to the Assad regime.

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