Monday, April 09, 2012

Video: Is Iran Providing Drones To Syria?

There are indications that Iran may be providing drones (UAV's -- Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to Syria.

Here is a very short clip that is claimed to be of unmanned aircraft flying in the sky of Hama:

The video comes by way of the Facebook page: Free The City of Hama (Arabic)

The following appears in Israel Defense: Iranian UAV Seen in Syrian Skies
Unknown witnesses claim that Iran sent UAVs to Syria to be used by Assad’s regime. Specifically, the UAV was seen close to Homs

Based on sources following the Iranian involvement in the Syrian Civil War, an Iranian UAV was recently seen in Syria’s skies nears Homs.

This UAV is supposed to be the most advanced in the Iranian arsenal. In the past, Tehran declared that this UAV has stealth capabilities, but in the West, doubts surround this exact capability. Still, sources claim that this UAV is advanced, specifically regarding its aerodynamic capabilities.

In the past, Iran supplied UAVs to Hezbollah, but it seems clear that now, Iran is turning to the Syrian front.

Along these same lines, four years ago the Iranian minister of defense said that Iran produced a UAV with a range of 1000 km. In addition, several years ago UAVs penetrated Israel’s borders.

While sources in Israel assume that Hezbollah will receive more UAVs from Iran, the use of the Iranian UAV in Syria is clearly part of the support Tehran is showing towards Assad’s regime.
Someone please inform Kofi Annan that his peace plan does not seem to be progressing.

Hat tip: IMRA

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