Thursday, May 10, 2012

IDF List of Palestinian Terrorist Attacks You Didn't Hear About This Year

My Right Word has been blogging about low-level Palestinian terrorist attacks that do not make the news, and notes that now the IDF has a similar post about The 2012 Terror Attacks Against Israel You Never Heard About:
Very little of what actually goes on in Israel is reported by mainstream media. A lot of incidents are never published–though they’re very significant. Here’s a brief recap of the incidents which were just short of the next big terror attack, but which you probably never heard of:
I suppose there is a silver lining in that terrorist attacks such as these do not get covered by the general media--at least then the media does not have the opportunity to distort the story in their reports.

Check out My Right Word, who has 13 posts thus far on Low-Intensity Conflict Reports on Palestinian Terrorist Attacks.

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