Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Israel Gets Ahmed Jabari, The Osama Bin Laden Of Hamas

“I would say this operation is the Israeli equivalent, Netanyahu’s equivalent, of America’s strike on Osama Bin Laden,” said Avi Benayahu, a former army spokesman.
Dan Ephron, Israel Kills Hamas Military Head Ahmed Jabari in Air Strike, The Daily Beast

The comparison between Ahmed Jabari is not a superficial one.

Besides being the second-in-command of the Hamas military wing, Ahmed Jabari had been called by some the Hamas "Chief of Staff".

In 2006, the following was posted on Hamas' website in 2006:

Brave Jihad fighters, You sacrifice your souls for the sake of Allah, until the rats [Israelis] return to their holes. Today Gaza [was liberated by Hamas], and tomorrow, by Allah's will, Jerusalem, and tomorrow the West Bank, and then Haifa, Jaffa, and Tel Aviv. Until the liberation of the homeland, all of Palestine.
Here is the video, courtesy of Palestine Media Watch:

Regardless of whatever other smaller groups are involved, it is Hamas that has control -- and if they seriously wanted to preserve some sort of ceasefire, then there would be a ceasefire.

Instead, terrorists from the Gaza Strip have fired more than 120 rockets into Israel just over the weekend and into Monday. In total, in 2012 there have been 896 rockets fired at Israeli civilians from Gaza, forcing 1 million residents into bomb shelters

Hamas is responsible for every rocket fired from Gaza at the various civilian targets in Israel:

While Israel has has not mounted an operation this year to the hundreds of rockets fired on civilians from Gaza, the fact is that Israel is responding now in direct response to the escalation in rocket attacks from Hamas:
The IDF operation begins after months over which Hamas signaled a potential strategic shift in its targeting of Israeli civilians and its military posture, prompting analysis that the group was deliberately trying to trigger forceful responses by the Israelis. Hundreds of rockets and mortars have been fired at Israeli civilians in the last week by Hamas-led Palestinian terrorist groups, drawing explicit condemnation from the highest levels of the international community and raising to nearly 900 the number of rockets and mortars fired from Gaza into Israel in 2012. Israeli officials emphasized last week that the escalation risked responses from Israel up to and including the resumption of targeted killings of Hamas leaders.

In addition to escalating the amount of rocket and mortar fire into Israel, Gaza-based Palestinian groups have recently begun deploying advanced weaponry against Israelis. In recent weeks Palestinian groups have used guided anti-tank missiles against an Israeli jeep, injuring four Israeli soldiers including two critically, and a shoulder-mounted anti-aircraft weapon against an Israeli helicopter in October.
Killing Jabari will no more neutralize Hamas than the US assassination of Osama bin Laden put an end to Al Qaeda.

However, both were terrorist leaders with the blood of innocent civilians on their hands -- and their deaths do have a crippling effect on the terrorist groups with which they are associated.

Israel will assess the results of the first day of Operation Pillar of Defense, and decide on the options to be taken in the ongoing war with terrorism in Gaza.

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