Sunday, January 06, 2013

Video: Iran's Press TV Decries US Crackdown On Free Speech, Interviews Daniel Pipes

Iran's propaganda arm, Press TV, explains how mainstream media -- "largely funded by pro-Israeli power institutions and corporations", of course -- is under pressure by the brave independent media such as Press TV which covers "all of the news."

Daniel Pipes appears on the show, which he describes as Pipes vs. the crazies on Press TV:
The ostensible topic was the just-signed $633-billion "National Defense Authorization Act" and specifically its section 1248, "Impositions of Sanctions with Respect to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting" i.e., sanctions on Press TV itself.

In fact, thanks to the selection as fellow panelists of two left-wing conspiracy theorists, Kevin Barrett and Joe Iosbaker, the show barely touched on anything so mundane as NDAA section 1248. Instead, the audience was treated to such tidbits as 9/11 having been a "pro-Israel coup d'état" and the U.S. government running torture chambers all over the world. Indeed, viewers would have heard me accused of being a torturer.
Pipes sees his appearances on such programs as "an opportunity to reach those who normally would not hear me. I tend to think they are worth the trouble."

I hope he's right.

Here is the video:

At the very least, this may be a taste of the kind of propaganda we will be subjected to now that Al Gore has given Al-Jazeera access to the US market.

Press TV is of course the same on that features a piano tuner as an expert on international law.

I suppose Press TV hosting someone praising them for claiming Israel is behind 9-11 is par for the course.

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