Monday, April 07, 2014

Cartoon: Abbas and Kerry Try to Blackmail Israel into "Peace" Talks

I wasn't able to track down the source for this cartoon, but it does illustrate how the game has been played:

As far as the failure of the talks is concerned, here Breitbart notes the timeline that shows how Abbas triggered the failure of Kerry's Israel - Palestinian talks:

His [Kerry's] public soul searching comes after Israel’s decision on Thursday to formally cancel the last of four staged releases of Palestinian terrorists from Israeli jails. This itself came two days after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas terminated the talks by applying for membership in 15 separate United Nations treaties and conventions.

Kerry tried to dismiss the Palestinian move by claiming that none of the UN organisations and treaties to which Abbas applied were in fact UN organisations or treaties. A condition of the talks, presided over by the United States, was that the Palestinian Authority would refrain from any unilateral moves to win UN recognition of Palestinian statehood in exchange for Israel agreeing to release 104 convicted Palestinian murderers being held in Israeli jails. After Abbas defiantly applied for UN recognition, Israel cancelled the prisoner release.[emphasis added]
From the beginning, Kerry has behaved as if pressuring Israel into unilateral concessions was the key to the success of peace talks.

To no one's surprise: it isn't and it wasn't.

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