Friday, January 27, 2006

When You Gotta Blog

As I mentioned before, we're here in Cincinnati visiting my wife's family.
Driving here for 12 hours with a bored 6 year old was the easy part.

When we got here, I found out I couldn't get online.
As the story unfolded we learned:

1. They have a computer with AOL, but
2. They turned off their AOL account, but
3. They have an Internet account with their phone company, but
4. Their computer is 12 years old. It does have Windows95, but
5. The software requires Windows98, and a relative who traded computers with them has their original computer which might take Windows98, but
6. She already gave that computer away.

By Tuesday I couldn't resist--we finally installed their software on our laptop.

Wednesday, at my suggestion, we bought them a new computer as a gift so they could get online.

At least that's what my wife and I told them...
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