Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What Is An Apostrophe?

According to dictionary.com, an apostrophe is:
The superscript sign ( ' ) used to indicate the omission of a letter or letters from a word, the possessive case, or the plurals of numbers, letters, and abbreviations.


The direct address of an absent or imaginary person or of a personified abstraction, especially as a digression in the course of a speech or composition.
Apparently, it is also something that throws off my blog.

After looking around, I found code that allows me to give just the first paragraph of my blog with a link that takes you to the full post. There's even a tag that will take you to the place in the post where you left off.

But after a couple of hours of finagling, it turns out that if there is an 'apostrophe' in the title of the post--the code does not work.

Not a clue why, and the apostrophe problem does not effect SerandEz.

So anyway, if you come across a post with an apostrophe missing in the title, it's not due to back grammar or bad syntax.

Just so you know.
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