Thursday, May 25, 2006

Early Thursday Morning Links

Here are some links to keep you busy, perhaps whet your appetite, till Haveil Havalim is posted--issue #71 being hosted by WestBankBlog. Have a Good Shabbos.

Arutz Sheva has pictures from the Washington, DC protest

AbbaGav lists 10 reasons why protest against The Da Vinci Code does not compare to Muslim protest against the Danish cartoons.

Adloyada writes about her daughter getting engaged in Almost the ultimate Jewish mother post. Mazel Tov!

A Simple Jew looks into the tradition of the segula of precious stones for healing

The Astute Blogger links to the BBC report on the IDF capturing a major Hamas terrorist released by the PA in 2002.

Boker Tov, Boulder! refers to 2 weird and distressing events--about Islam being taught in the US and Olmert's ideas about peace.

ConservaJew writes about the ignorance of American Jews about life in Israel, and one way to overcome it.

Crossing The Rubicon quotes from a Daniel Pipes article that deals with The Effect of Middle Eastern Issues on American Politics

Elder of Ziyon writes about fear of Chareidim in Israel and suggests a solution

Elie's Expositions posts the final installment of Aaron's Story

Erica's Blog reacts to the recent Kassam rocket attack in Sderot.

Ha-Mikdash relays a report that Shabbat shopping continues to drop in Israel.

Heichal HaNegina writes about Rebbe Shmuel Eliyahu of Zvolin, father of the first Modzitzer Rebbe, and why he stopped davening before the Amud.

The Ignoble Experiment, aka Live Dangerously! writes about Rudyard Kipling and dealing with bad luck

I'm Haaretz, Ph.D. writes about the ultra-Orthodox critique of religious Zionism

Israel Perspectives has a post on the question: Should Jews not living in Israel have the right to express their opnion on affairs concerning the Jewish State?

Israel Matzav reports that Mr. Olmert goes to Washington and finds tough love

Jack's Shack (aka Lord Jack of the Shack) would like a castle

The J-Blogger Interviews is looking for questions for upcoming interviews with OrthoMom and Dave from IsraellyCool.

Judeopundit has linkim

Le Mont De Sisyphe gives the Palestinian side--and presents the solution that seems to escape them.

Letters of Thought resolves the question of which came first--the chicken or the egg.

Life-Of-Rubin offers some advice on blog design

me-ander's Kosher Cooking Carnival #6 is up.

Mere Rhetoric sees Hamas vs. Fatah as Iraq vs. Iran redux

Mirty's Place has some Word Thoughts (and invite an alligator to Kiddush)

The Muqata posts about the sale of Petach Tikva on e-bay

Ocean Guy: Somewhere on A1A is frustrated by ignorance about the history of the Arab-Israeli War

Perspectives of a Nomad--over the weekend--hosted his first radio show in 4 years and saw the graduation of his 7th grade Hebrew class (...he's the teacher)

SerandEz's daughter is 2 months old and her Abba reaches a milestone too.

Shiloh Musings suggests it's time to cut the strings.

Simply Jews writes about media reaction to a Hamas offer for peace (and Haniyeh is not a Clooney clone)

Smooth Stone posts about the search for Hezbollah terrors cells in the US

Soccer Dad and friend advise Hamas: Don't Leave Home Without It

The Sunken Synagogue has some thoughts about the Iranian, and Jewish, dress code

Treppenwitz has a post on Yom Yerushalayim

Meryl Yourish notes that Someone didn’t get the jihad memo

WestBankBlog wonders how bloggers' children see them

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