Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Daughter Is Hardboiled, Even When Things Are Sunny-Side Up

My daughter is recovering from a bad few weeks.

o One week she wakes up with a bad stomach-ache. I stayed home from work for the day and she was fine the next day.

o The following week she woke up with 102 temperature. Two days later, Motzei Shabbos, she woke up with 104. That was the Motzei Shabbos that I was working on Haveil Havalim.
That Shabbos was also her birthday.

o The week after that, last week--on the first day of school--she spent half of the day in the Emergency Room. We got a call from the school that her nose was gushing blood and they could not stop it. At the hospital they called in a specialist and everything worked out fine without having to cauterize. [My daughter still thinks the scariest thing a doctor can do is give you a shot--she can now go on thinking that for a while]

Now we are back to our usual rhythm...

When we got home from school today, I asked my daughter if she wanted eggs. Being newly 7 and more independent, she went to the refrigerator and took out a baggie with hard boiled eggs in it. She carefully shelled them--then handed them to me.

And informed me that she wanted her eggs sunny-side up.

Apparently she got her cooking gene from me.
But at least things are back to normal.

Baruch HaShem.

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