Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Egypt's Got Game!

Imagine if there was no peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.
Video games loosely based on historic wars are nothing new. But the recently released “October War,” which invites children to “fight the Israeli Air Force starting from Swais [sic] til Barliv [sic] Line,” offers a new twist to the genre: it is available exclusively on the Anwar Sadat website’s “Kids Corner,” thus making it the first war-themed video game to be released on the official website of a former head-of-state. Indeed, dedicated gamers will be disappointed to find that the Harry S. Truman Library’s kids page lacks similarly inappropriate atomic bomb video games, while other typically dry former head-of-state websites won’t even arouse their curiosity.
What else would you expect from the website of a Nobel Prize winner?

Speaking of Nobel Prize winners, for real excitement, there is Jimmy Carter's Diplomacy Challenge, featuring challenges like this:

But be careful how you choose, lest you encounter the dreaded...


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