Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hanan Ashrawi Is Depressed For Good Reason

According to Hanan Ashrawi:
Palestinians are experiencing "one of the most difficult phases in our history," said Hanan Ashrawi, an elected member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and an active voice in the Mideast peace process.
Putting aside just how very short that history actually is, Lisa Schiffren at The Corner writes that this is more than just an issue of poverty.
As De Gaulle said, decades ago about another failure to thrive case, "Brazil is the country of the future, and always will be…" For a while you could say that about the Palestinian state. For a shorter, more problematic while, the Palestinian state looked pretty inevitable — despite leadership that kept passing up each real opportunity to begin the hard work. But now that sense of inevitability has faded, and "Palestine" has become never-never land. Ashrawi is depressed for good reason: with each passing day of Hamas-Fatah infighting, failure to build infrastructure or institute any kind of rule of law, the magnitude of self destructiveness in the pyches of would be Palestinian leaders becomes more obvious, and the possibility of a real state shrinks.
Of course, just as world leaders have never allowed Israel to reap the rewards of victory in the wars forced upon her, they will never stop pushing for the creation of a state for Palestinian Arabs. Just as the Arabs never had to deal with the consequences of the losses in their wars, the Palestinian Arabs will never be held accountable for their complete inability to maintain a state.

That is why the Palestinian Arabs--as with the Arab/Muslim world as a whole--will never change.

And Israel is being forced to live with those consequences.

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