Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The JBlogosphere and Groundhog Day

Does anything change in the JBlogosphere?

The Muqata quotes an anonymous commenter:
What's the point of a post like this when all your readers already agree with your views and anyone who doesn't or who might think differently has stopped reading this blog months ago? Everyone gets it.
Settlers: good.
Arabs: violent. Uncontrollable.
Left wing and Tel Aviv: bad.
Olmert: incompetent
Rabin: evil.
We get it. Honest.
Jameel responds in Will US Jewry come through for Israel?, and notes some good old fashioned backbone in the government. I pointed out some signs of strength in a post, Israel Shows Some Signs of Life.

So, is the JBlogosphere just going around in circles making the same criticisms about Olmert, Rice, and Abbas? Is anything changing?

Check out The Muqata's post.

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