Monday, August 31, 2009

Women And Jews Are Equally Blind In Their Allegiance To The Democratic Party

In Why Women Continued to Support Ted Kennedy, Ann Althouse quotes from an article by Eleanor Clift who writes:
Organized women's groups overlooked a lot to stand by the senator from Massachusetts. Feminists who proclaimed "The personal is the political" made an exception for Kennedy.
Althouse adds:
And for Clinton. Face it. Liberal politics always came first for the so-called women's groups, which is why they are not really women's groups at all.
Well, it's good to know that Jews are not alone in their near-blind allegiance to the Democratic Party.

I've written before about a 1997 poll by CNN that indicated that while Jews surveyed talked big about their concern for Israel and how much it means to them, when it came to ranking the issues that matter most to them in the upcoming presidential election, Israel ranked 5th--behind the war in Iraq, the economy, terrorism/national security, and health care.

Similarly, after the Lewinsky affair, women's groups were silent.
It's time for these different groups--and others--to stop blindly paying homage to the Democratic Party and have it earn their respect.

Something which, under the current administration, it has clearly failed to do.

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