Thursday, January 28, 2010

Abbas: If Hamas Can Rebut The Goldstone Report, We Can Too!

In Hamas finds itself innocent. What a surprise, Elder of Ziyon examines the Hamas response to the Goldstone Report--and dissects the lies behind the claims Hamas makes.

Of course, there is no reason for Hamas not to lie and manufacture evidence--after all, no one really assumes that the UN is actually going to follow up against Hamas with any real sanctions or measures to enforce, let alone that any report from Hamas actually be truthful.

Now, seeing how easy it is for Hamas to make up a response to the Goldstone Report, Abbas is going to try his hand at it at well:

Abbas to hold independent Palestinian probe of Gaza war

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced on Monday that he has decided to establish an independent panel of inquiry to evaluate the findings of the Goldstone Commission's probe into the Gaza war last year.

Abbas has ordered all relevant parties within the Palestinian Authority to cooperate with this initiative, which would focus on human rights violations allegedly carried out by his PA security forces during Operation Cast Lead.

The panel will comprise eight members and is to be headed by former Palestinian supreme court president, Isa Abu Sharar.

The UN-sponsored report, which was authored by South African jurist Richard Goldstone, has demanded that both Israel and Hamas carry out independent investigations into the war crimes allegations it raises.

The Palestinian Authority had no role in the Gaza war.
Since all of this has nothing to do with Abbas promoting terror--most recently by declaring the Palestinian murderers of Rabbi Chai to be martyrs--this is not big deal

In any case, neither Hamas nor Fatah see much meaning in international law, since it is only a Western construct anyway and has no effect on Muslim life guided by sharia anyway. For them, it is only a way to manipulate public opinion.

This is particularly clear when seeing the sloppy job Hamas does in "proving" that their thousands of rockets landing in Sderot all these years were actually all targeted at military sites in Israel--a lie Elder of Ziyon disproves.

Hamas and Fatah will only take international law as seriously as the world community does, and it is obvious that the terrorists of both groups are not the focus here.

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