Wednesday, January 06, 2010

And Now A Word About Those 'Palestinian' Immigrants

Responding to recent comments by Arab members of the Israeli Knesset Jamal Zahalka and Ahmad Tibi that Jews are immigrants in Palestine, Assaf Wohl responds with a brief history lesson on Arab immigration to 'Palestine':
It is noteworthy that both Zahalka and Tibi have a Ph.D. Yet whatever their areas of specialty are, history of the Land of Israel is certainly not one of them. Two such intelligent people are unaware of the basic history of the country where they reside. After all, Kfar Qara, where Dr. Zahalka resides, was only established in the 18th Century under the auspices of the Arab occupation of Eretz Yisrael. Meanwhile, Arabs only arrived at Taibe, where Dr. Tibi hails from, in the 17th Century from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, as attested to by the last names of some residents.

Do they truly believe that the “Palestinians” nobody heard of until the 20th Century, truly grew from the land?
Don’t they know that under Arab villages in the Galilee one can find synagogues from the Second Temple period? Don’t they know that by the end of the 19th Century, only about 140,000 non-Jews resided in the Land of Israel, while by 1948 this number grew tenfold, mostly because of Arab immigration to Eretz Yisrael?

“This neighborhood used to be Sheikh Munis,” Zahalka yelled before leaving the Tel Aviv studio, thereby revealing the truth. As it turns out, the appetite of Zahalka and his voters is not confined to the territories. Yet the village of Sheikh Munis, where Tel Aviv University is located today, was only established in the 19th Century, when the Land of Israel was being conquered by Ibrahim Pasha. This took place about 2,500 years after the Shiloh inscription was written in Jerusalem, using the same Hebrew I use to write my column.

And so, the “immigrant” tales are baseless even when compared to the Brothers Grimm fairytales. So why then do Arab Knesset members blatantly lie to the cameras? Aren’t they scared to be condemned publicly?
The answer of course is that they are not afraid, if for no other reason than the ignorance of history that plagues Jews just as it plagues those who are intent on the creation of a second Palestinian state at any cost--no matter who pays the price.

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