Monday, January 25, 2010

There Were No Palestinian Suicide Attacks In 2009

According to The Media Line, this is the first time in 10 years that there has not be a single suicide attack in Israel.
Since the end of Operation Cast Lead, the three-week Israel military assault against Hamas in the Gaza Strip last January, one Israeli civilian was killed inside Israel by Palestinians and four in the West Bank. Ten Israelis, including five civilians, were killed during the Gaza operation.

Israeli casualties were also down last year with Shin Bet recording 234 Israelis injured by Palestinian attacks, 185 of which took place during Operation Cast Lead. In the previous year, Palestinian attacks injured 679 Israelis.

Due to the determination of Hamas to continue the terror attacks on Israeli citizens, they have tried a new tactic--instead of hiding behind Gazans, now they are hiding behind Palestinians in the West Bank:
A senior Israeli security source told The Media Line that Hamas has tried to organize bombing strikes on Israel from the West Bank instead of Gaza so as to avoid Israeli retaliation. These attacks have been thwarted by Israel’s security barrier and close ties between the Israeli and Palestinian security apparatuses in the West Bank. By comparison, there were 53 successful suicide bombings launched by Palestinians from the West Bank in 2002.
Gazans are understandably less than pleased with Hamas.
In time, perhaps Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank will wise up as well.

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