Monday, March 22, 2010

Only In The Obama Administration, Could This Be Considered An Improvement

We are now in a fencing match. Hillary demands some concessions; Bibi tries to serve up some small gesture or soothing platitude so Hillary and company can climb down off the roof on which they have perched themselves to impress their Palestinian friends. But all we have to show for this is Palestinian stone-throwing, a dead Thai worker, a strained but not yet broken relationship with Israel, and further reason for Palestinians to do what they do best — play victim and demand unilateral concessions.[emphasis added]
Jennifer Rubin, Cheering Their Failed Israel Policy
“I think they handled it quite well”
Martin Indyk, quoted in Washington Post
Washington Post headline:
Experts Wonder Whether U.S. Has A Real Israel Strategy Or 'Talking Points'
Yeah, one could see where you could get the impression that the Obama administration's plan is kind of simplistic.

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