Friday, April 09, 2010

Hamas Suffering From Big Government Blues? Maybe They Should Consider The VAT?

Apparently it is something that the Obama administration is considering--maybe Hamas should as well?
Hamas imposes new Gaza taxes to pay for burgeoning bureaucracy

Hamas has begun to raise new taxes in Gaza in an apparent effort to shore up their coffers – as the economy of the small, overcrowded strip of land descends into a vast and often unfathomable parallel market.

The Islamist movement has imposed taxes at the petrol pump, on businesses and on smuggled goods, including luxury cars brought through underground tunnels from Egypt. Economists in Gaza say Hamas has a rapidly growing bureaucracy of around 30,000 staff whose salaries in recent months have been delayed or prioritised for the lowest paid. It appears Hamas is finding it increasingly difficult to bring cash from abroad into Gaza.
There is no indication--let alone mention--that the rockets being fired from Gaza into Israel might have something to do with the economic problems that Gazans have as a result of electing a government of terrorists.

Gazans were given a chance to vote for their government--and chose badly.
Of course, the fact that new elections have been postponed indefinitely doesn't help matters.

No mention of that either.

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NormanF said...

But you can blame everything on the Jews! That is Hamas' all-purpose alibi. It seemed to have worked quite well to date.

Daled Amos said...

When Big Terrorism meets Big Government...