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Now Obama Wants To Impose His Version Of Peace On Israel Against It's Will And With No Say

I don't know how you can force 2 sides to sit down and live in peace, but then again--I don't have the years of experience that Obama has in such matters.

Oh, wait...

In any case, Jennifer Rubin does have a good question: How Do You Impose Peace?

The most famous attempt to impose peace was at the Treaty of Versailles after WWI--and one of the key ingredients was to demilitarize Germany. Of course, that was then: this is now. These days, one of the key ingredients to create peace is to give arms to the Palestinian Arabs and train them on how to use them--ideally on other Arab Palestinians.

Ideally--but not necessarily. Last year Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton, who is training the Palestinian Arabs, spoke to the 2009 Soref Symposium organized by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Robert Dreyfuss, a blogger for The Nation wrote in US General Builds A Palestinian Army:
Recognizing that by organizing and training thousands of Palestinian troops, professionally led, he is creating in effect a nationalist army, Dayton warned the 500 or so WINEP listeners that the troops can only be strung along for just so long. "With big expectations, come big risks," said Dayton. "There is perhaps a two-year shelf life on being told that you're creating a state, when you're not." To my ears, at least, his subtle warning is that if concrete progress isn't made toward a Palestinian state, the very troops Dayton is assembling could rebel.
Back in October, Aaron Klein of World Net Daily spoke to some of those receiving that training--and they indicated just what their expectations were:
The pardoned gunmen agreed to speak on condition their names be withheld and that WND does not print the name of the city in which the meeting took place, citing concerns over their current jobs in the PA's U.S.-backed security forces.

Some of the men present are notorious Brigades members.

Asked immediately why they agreed to be interviewed, one former Brigades leader replied, "Because we know people call us Dayton's poodles, and we want everyone to know that in the next intifada we will be the leaders."

"All the trainings we received from Dayton and company will not affect our loyalty to our people and the resistance," said the former Brigades leader.

The others present concurred.

..."We want a Palestinian state either through negotiations or through resistance," said one of the seven gunmen interviewed. "The minute we see the negotiations with Israel are in vain, we will lead the confrontation just like we led it in the last intifada."

Indeed, in that intifada, started after the Palestinians rejected an offer of a state in the summer of 2000, Fatah was responsible for far more terrorism than any other Palestinian group.

"Fatah was the leader of the revolution and will be the leader of any struggle against the occupation," another Fatah interview subject told WND.

"We cannot accept Dayton like we are garbage," he continued. "No, we are Palestinian patriots. What we received from Dayton, we will use when the day comes for a confrontation." [emphasis added]
So it's not really all that surprising that Abbas and the Palestinian Authority go around honoring terrorists who have killed Israelis.

Most recently:
The future Palestinian Authority presidential compound will be built along a street named for an infamous Hamas arch-terrorist, Channel 10 reported on Wednesday.

...According to the Channel 10 report, the street sign posted at the Ramallah location read: "Yihyeh Ayyash, 1966-1996, born in Nablus, studied electrical engineering in Bir Zeit University. Was a member of the Iz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, and was linked by Israel to a number of bombings. Was assassinated by Israel in his Beit Lahia (Gaza Strip) home in 5.1.1996."

...Last month, the PA cancelled a ceremony, ahead of a visit by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, at which a square in Ramallah was to have been named for Dalal al-Mughrabi, a terrorist who killed 38 Israelis in the so-called Coastal Road massacre of 1978.
But don't worry that Mughrabi has been left out--she has been honored by Abbas on other occasions.

Which brings us back to the original question: how exactly does Obama plan to impose peace?

Rubin writes:
So does the Obama team manage to get out a simple declaratory sentence this time — “We condemn this behavior,” for example? But more important, given this is the behavior and mentality of the PA — the supposedly reasonable Palestinian party to negotiations — how do the Obami intend to impose a peace deal? If one party is still caught in the grip of the cult of death, what reason is there to suppose that it is prepared to sign and then live up to an agreement by which they disarm and renounce terrorism?
But it's not just Obama--the media itself does not push the issue of how to bring peace when one side publicly honors the terrorists that murder the people you are supposed to be making peace with.

Instead, we are left with Pelosi-like assurances: go ahead first and put the plans for the creation of a second Palestinian state in motion--and then the 'details' about Israel's security can be worked out.

Welcome to ObamaPeace!

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Jack Steiner said...

I am not convinced that Obama does this out of hatred or dislike. But I am certain that his naive and ridiculous actions are going to cost lives.

Daled Amos said...

I suppose that both hatred and naiveté are based on a certain willful blindness.

Anonymous said...

"In the coming days we’ll see the metal Obama is made of. The President might do absolutely nothing which the Israelis will take as a green light. He might even have the State Department issue a carefully worded statement of disapproval - which the Israelis will also mistake for a nod of approval. Or he could take a stand - as a man who has tasted the rotten fruit of racism - and do the right thing. And the right thing to do is to raise hell if a single Palestinian is deported - unless they’re deported to where they came from - Israel."


Daled Amos said...

What drivel.

1. Anyone reading this would think that Obama is in the habit of automatically approving whatever Israel does, which is obviously not the case.

2. It is odd hearing this guy write about the "rotten fruit of racism" considering:

a. The historical ties between Arabs and the slave trade.

b. The second class dhimmi status decreed by Sharia for non-Muslims

3. There is absolutely no context and no mention of Israel's side of the story.

Looking at the complete article, we see more sloppiness.

4. The use of the term "ethnic cleansing" a loaded broad term that also connotes rape and violence and murder.

5. Lots of talk and accusations--with nothing to back it up. Not that he expects his readers to ask for any--he knows his audience far to well for that.

6. Israel as a "theocratic state"--another case of language used to cater to his audience's prejudices, but far removed fact.

What drivel.

Unlike the surrounding Arab countries that better fit this guy's description, in Israel there are human rights groups that have already made a issue of this and it will be brought to the Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with some of your points, but at the same time I think this article is raising some good thoughts as well. It's far from being perfect or alsolutely correct, though.

Daled Amos said...

I think this article is raising some good thoughts as well. It's far from being perfect or alsolutely correct, though.

That's absurd. If it is far from correct, why pass along this garbage.

Not surprisingly, the nonsense you are passing around is not correct:

No Truth to Canard that Israel Seeks to Expel West Bankers.
The Charge Hides What Arab States Are Doing to Palestinians

Actually, the new Israeli regulation updates laws that have been in place in Judea and Samaria for years. Illegal residents may be deported -- not an unheard of concept. Illegal immigrants are deported from countries all over the world.

The only remaining question is how much of the rest of what you pass along as fact is equally a lie.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's absurd to say that an article, that is not perfect, still has some interesting good thoughts. I wouldn't call it garbage, either.

Next, you didn't convince me with your link (article written by Jew (Lenny Ben-David)). Here's an article from Haaretz:

There are also many other reports (written by non-jews and non-arabs) that don't confirm Ben-David words. So there.

Daled Amos said...

So there.

And nah nah nah nah nah to you too.

Anonymous said...