Monday, April 19, 2010

Obama, Remind Us Again Who Is Costing US "Blood And Treasure"

From The Wall Street Journal:
For all the current talk about Israel costing America lives and treasure, the striking fact is that the U.S. has never had to go to war to defend the Jewish state. This is more than can be said for Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Bosnia, Kosovo and the people of Afghanistan and Iraq. That's because for 62 years Israelis have provided for their own defense, in an alliance with the U.S. that has reflected American values and—in both the Cold War and the war on terror—advanced American interests.

The Obama Administration seems not to grasp this point, which is why these are anxious days for Israel and its American friends.
Read the whole thing.

Then again--Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq are not real US allies and do not have US interests at heart.

Which is why in Obama's world, Israel is the villain.

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