Monday, October 18, 2010

Muslim Court: Men Can Discipline Wife And Kids If They Do Not Leave A Mark

This is supposed to be in accordance with Sharia law:
The United Arab Emirates (UAE)’s Supreme Court has ruled that a man has the right to discipline his wife and young children as long as the beating leaves no physical marks.

The judgment was made in the case of a man who slapped and kicked his 23-year-old daughter and slapped his wife.

The wife suffered injuries to her lower lip and teeth, and the daughter had bruises on her right hand and right knee.

The court also ruled that the bruises were evidence that the father had abused his Sharia right.
So, what is a Muslim husband supposed to do who thinks a good beating is necessary?

No problem, an imam has already thought of that, and wrote a book 9 years ago on how to beat up your family without leaving any traces:
An imam who wrote a book on how to beat your wife without leaving marks on her body has been ordered by a judge in Spain to study the country's constitution.

The judge told Mohamed Kamal Mustafa, imam of a mosque in the southern resort of Fuengirola, to spend six months studying three articles of the constitution and the universal declaration of human rights.

Mr. Mustafa was sentenced to 15 months in jail and fined about $2,600 last year after being found guilty of inciting violence against women.

A judge released him after 22 days in jail on the condition that he undertake a re-education course.
Mustafa's book advises both mental as well as physical torture:
In his book "Women in Islam," published four years ago, Mr. Mustafa wrote that verbal warnings followed by a period of sexual inactivity could be used to discipline a disobedient wife.

If that failed, he argued that, according to Islamic law, beatings could be judiciously administered.

"The blows should be concentrated on the hands and feet using a rod that is thin and light so that it does not leave scars or bruises on the body," he wrote.
One wonders how much of what he wrote is based on personal experience.

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